Shawn Gallagher

Phone: 904-272-6369


My name is Shawn Gallagher and what I make are custom signs using a huge magnifying glass and the power of the sun. The result is a unique, rustic sign with a bit of an outdoor or western look.

If you live in the Middleburg, Orange Park, or Jacksonville area of Florida and you want to have a sign made for you right in front of your eyes, it will cost you $2 a letter. If you order a sign and I have to mail it to you, it will be three dollars a letter to cover the shipping. The wood I use is cypress that comes from old fence panels that are about to go to a landfill.

Some people don't even want the wood cleaned such that the lichens are still present, the result being that they have a custom sign that already looks 30 years old. The letters are 2.5" tall. This has got to be the most environmentally conciseness way to make a sign. No chemicals are used in making a sign, not even electricity.

Sunburned Signs is also more than just a way to produce a sign using the rays of the sun. It is a good source of entertainment for any function having to do good clean fun. Any kind of event such as a birthday party, from ages 10 to 70, is going to be a rich source of entertainment, as well as being a fun, scientific learning experience. The Eco friendly, natural way that a sign is produced is a sure hit with any function having to do with solar energy or the environment.


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